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McDonough is a charming town just south of Atlanta. This energetic town's heartbeat is its historic town square, where people often congregate to enjoy various local events. The city is said to have an exciting and storied past that has entertained folks for many years.

One less-than-entertaining group of pests that frequently visits McDonough properties is ants. If property owners don't have access to professional ant pest control services, they could soon find their properties overrun with these insects.

What Kinds Of Ants Live Around McDonough?

Experiencing ant invasions can prove quite frustrating. Considering there are over 700 different ant species in the United States, it's no wonder they often make inconvenient entrances into buildings. In McDonough, most properties end up with multiple ant species that live in the area, making identification important.

Seven types of ants that commonly invade local properties include the following:

  1. Odorous house ants

  2. Fire ants

  3. Pavement ants

  4. Big-headed ants

  5. Argentine ants

  6. Pharaoh ants

  7. Carpenter ants

With so many different kinds of ants appearing in local properties every year, it is essential to have a trusted pest professional nearby, like DAPS Services. We are a company that can control current infestations and provide prevention services for long-lasting protection.

Why Are Ants Such A Problem In McDonough For Most Of The Year?

In McDonough, winters are short and warm weather abounds, making ants a problem year-round. Whether your property is a home or commercial property, all are subject to ant infestations. Warmth, good food sources, and ample moisture or highly humid environments draw ants to properties. Since all these attractive conditions abound in McDonough, local properties are prone to frequent visits from various ant species. 

Property owners who enlist help from the McDonough pest professionals at DAPS Services can benefit from our comprehensive pest control plans that can help protect properties and keep buildings ant-free.

How Do Ants Get Into McDonough Homes, And What Attracts Them?

The number one attraction for ants is food. Scouts from nests will forage for food, often leading them into buildings. Ants can easily access facilities by crawling through tiny cracks and crevices in foundations or other indoor areas. Once inside, they usually establish nests (some can get quite large) near food and moisture sources, typically in kitchens or bathrooms.

Foods that attract ants include fats, sweets, starches, grease, and meats. Food spills left on surfaces, crumbs on counters or floors, or even garbage can sustain hungry ants all year. Structures that meet the basic needs of ants can find themselves with a well-established nest that's hard to find and remove.

DAPS Services is a McDonough pest control company that can remove ants and provide services to prevent future infestations.

What Can I Do To Prevent Ants?

One of the best defenses against invading ants is practicing good sanitation and performing the following tasks: 

  • Clean up spills quickly, eliminate crumbs, and store food in airtight containers. 

  • Property owners should ensure garbage receptacles get cleaned regularly and disposed of in containers with tight-fitting lids. 

  • Eliminate moisture in buildings and fix plumbing leaks to deter ant infestations. 

  • Cracks and crevices, even gaps where utilities come into buildings, should be sealed to prevent ant access. 

  • Eliminating standing water and potential nesting spots in yards can also help, including fixing landscaping issues that accumulate water, removing stumps and leaf debris, and cutting back branches and plants that touch buildings. 

While property owners can take steps to help with prevention, ultimately, the best way to accomplish ant control and prevention is with year-round professional home pest control services in McDonough from DAPS Services; we can help property owners shield their buildings from ant visits.

Our family-owned company uses eco-friendly services and a personal touch to ensure our customers receive exceptional care; we guarantee it! We listen to customer concerns and design service plans to meet their specific pest control needs. Property owners who wish to shield their properties from invasions count on DAPS Services for exceptional ant control in McDonough. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in McDonough.

Let us help you find the pest control service that is best for your property.

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